Tamaya is currently the known world to the main races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs. The people of Tamaya believe that their world is flat and dare not sail to far east. To the west is Kor’rori. The two continents are separated by the Dlimon Ocean and Demon’s Strait. There is also a vast Underdark, kingdom of the Drow. Tamaya is split into four kingdoms, established after the last Great War when the Drow were banished to the Underdark. The four kingdoms are Maoharia, Celewiel, Sirin, and Hikar. Maoharia is a human republic. Celeweil is the Elven empire. Sirin is a dwarven monarchy. Hikar is the feudal state of the orcs.

Important Places

* Aeem

* Arctic Glaciers

* Beor

* Celewiel

* Efay Bay

* Erorel Great Wall

* Hikar

* Kesin Mountains

* Maoharia

* Nía

* Pmal

* Rhiad

* Sirin


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