Ne-Gok-Sa is a respected Marro warlord.


Stats: AC 30; FORT 26; REF 27; WILL 30; HP 150; BLOOD 75 Armsword: +13 vs AC; 15 damage Mind Shackle: +5 vs WILL; Creature is under Ne-Gok-Sa’s control.


Ne-Gok-Sa is never unprepared for battle; his head, arms and shoulders are implanted with permanent armor, his right hand technobionically forged into a lethal weapon. But Ne-Gok-Sa’s most fearsome power is invisible, insidious, and impossible to resist: it is the power of mind control. With this extraordinary gift that is wasted on wickedness, Ne-Gok-Sa enslaves the minds of followers and foes alike. Ne-Gok-Sa gives orders telepathically, in the native tongues of his captors.


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